350 Ah Ow

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Li Du always had a soft heart for small furry animals. Seeing the baby pup in such a terrible state, he instinctively felt pity for it.

Garter had been observing them all the while. He noticed Li Du’s change in emotion, and his lips curled into a smile.

Carrying the newborn pup, he said, "A Czech Wolfdog pup for an alcohol burner. A fair trade. Deal or no deal?"

Hans shook his head and said, "Are you crazy? An alcohol burner for some unknown breed. A dog that we don’t know will live much longer or not?"

Garter shrugged. "Alright, since you guys aren’t willing to trade, then I won’t take care of this thing anymore. I’ll just let it go."

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Hearing that, Li Du pointed at him and said, "Hey, *sshole, don’t do that."

"Then what?" Garter shrugged again.

"D*mn it, are you serious? You really want it?" Hans said as he put his arm around Li Du.

"If this is really a Czech Wolfdog’s puppy, then it’s our gain," Li Du said.

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