962 Ah Ow: Ow Ow Ow

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Seeing a wild animal rush over, Li Du and the others did not have time to react. The four little ones took the lead and reacted before the humans did.

Compared with the huge bodies of African buffalos, lions, and hippos, the porcupine was small—it wasn't even as big as Ah Ow.

Once inside the oasis, the four animals, whose opponents here were more powerful in terms of momentum and size, had finally found a chance to show off their strength. They howled and rushed at the porcupine.

The porcupine was worried. It was now being attacked from the front after being attacked from the back. However, it could only fight back.

Facing the four rushing little ones, the porcupine stood still, turned its head quickly and aimed its butt at them.

What kind of damn attack was this? The four little ones almost laughed at the sight of the porcupine's butt.

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