797 Ah Ow, Go!

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He entered the small town with a kangaroo safari.

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After a long day in the car, he was actually a little tired, but the boss invited him so warmly, and he had never seen anything like kangaroo hunting, so he joined the hunting team.

Old John changed into his hunting clothes, grabbed his shotgun, and joined the party. All five of them were old, except the man who had invited Li Du.

On the road, he told Li Du that the town used to produce mineral products. As the mining industry dried up, the residents lost their income, and their living standards began to decline.

Then more than a decade ago, the mayor had an idea to change the development model of the town. It was to use ecotourism to make money.

When the mayor realized that many tourists came to Australia for the kangaroos, he decided to breed kangaroos.

So how did ecotourism there develop?

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