838 Ah Meow the Thief

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The room was fantastic. The only thing Li Du was displeased with was that the president of the Australian branch of LVMH, Bradley Bolton, was next door.

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Li Du went out. As Sophie wanted to visit Marceau, he went to find Cole to ask if it was appropriate for her to do so. After Cole, who had connections to Marceau, helped Li Du ask her, she said that Sophie was very welcome to visit.

Li Du was initially in a very good mood. In the end, when he returned to his room, opened the door, and was about to go in, he just so happened to spot Bradley walking out from the adjacent room.

Both of them gave stiff smiles when their eyes met.

After Li Du went into the room, Sophie, who noticed that he was not very happy, asked, "What's the matter? Mrs. Marceau isn't free to meet us? It's ok."

Li Du replied, "No, Marceau said it's fine. She said that you are very welcome. It's because I saw Bradley. That fella is next door to us."

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