499 Ah Meow Plays Promoter

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The children didn't seem to mind this. Sally said, "It's no problem. Although we don't have guardians, we follow around our buddies who do."

"The greater the risk the great the return," Kent said excitedly. "If we enter an area that no one has explored, we could possibly get more customers."

Li Du shook his head. "No, little buddies, you guys need to watch your safety. Pair up to do this, okay? Two people to one small cart, understand?"

The few children exchange glances and obediently said, "Okay."

Li Du took the small carts out of the trunk and placed the cookies on them. He sought the opinion of the children before loading the cookies on.

"These are lemon-flavored. Add on some peppermint ones. Who would like to sell more peanut butter cookies? The caramel ones sound great too, right?"

There were seven children in total and two to a group, so there was an odd one out.

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