847 Ah Meow Did It Again

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Those who could afford to stay at the four seasons hotel were either rich or were executives from major companies. These people were all in good shape because they were usually busy during the day and were used to going to the gym at night.

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Li Du's group entered the lounge. It was a secluded space divided into two large sections. One section was modern, with gleaming steel tables and chairs, and a full computer network. The other section was primitive, with natural lawns on the ground, vines growing on the walls, and insects flying around. Steve clearly preferred the former environment.

Li Du brought Sophie along, and they met up with Marceau and two other tall, attractive, beautiful girls. Li Du felt that these two beauties seemed a bit familiar, and that they were probably also stars, but since he did not usually pay attention to things like that, he was not familiar with them.

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