1035 Ah Meng

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Li Du was worried the people of Musa's tribe would convey the information. He was not certain how much was in the diamond mine reserves, but it was certainly not a small amount.

Not only did it contain diamonds, but it was also a high-quality mine. Unexpectedly, they were able to find diamonds on the surface of the mountain.

It was a stroke of great luck that he'd managed to find such a diamond mine.

Luckily, he was soft-hearted and had saved Musa. If this was his reward for the good deed, then Li Du would be willing to be a warm-hearted and charitable person for the rest of his life.

Musa told him that two people from his tribe had passed away, and the rest of them were hunting.

Li Du believed that it was unlikely for them to disclose this information. Musa agreed and said that they did not know what these diamonds represented. In his opinion, these were tokens to exchange food in Remonin's territory. Otherwise, these were useless to them.

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