960 African Buffalo

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Sophie had the ready-to-use remedy in her medical kit. It didn't need any processing and could be applied directly. However, Lilikas insisted on using shea butter. The time it took them to collect and process shea butter until it was ready to use was a total of two and a half hours. After dinner, the shea butter was finally ready.

Lilikas took a small brush made of hyena hair, dipped it in the lowest layer of golden oil, and carefully and evenly applied it to the affected area.

The oil did take a lot of time to extract, but it was worth it.

Its effect on the sunburnt skin was immediate and powerful. A few minutes after application, Li Du no longer felt the painful burns on his skin.

Sophie stared at the treatment dumbfounded. Half an hour later, she exclaimed, "God, your skin is all right. This is magic!"

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Lu Guan looked at big Ivan and said, "We seem to have found a business opportunity."

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