655 Affronted

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The good-looking man stood next to his Bentley as he watched the goddess board a filthy truck and leave with a scruffy-looking man.

Some other people waiting at the bus stop burst out laughing at this scene. Someone said, "Babes are attracted to bad guys. Buddy, you're not bad enough."

The good-looking man gave a self-deprecating laugh. "Even if the Joker and Loki were here, it would be of no use. That's her boyfriend, but soon she'll be my girlfriend."

In the pickup truck, Li Du said, "Is that guy going after you?"

The lady doctor said, "Maybe. He's Johnny Graz, a physician—both young and talented. Maybe you feel the stress. Many lady doctors, nurses, and patients fell at his feet when he first arrived."

"No problem," Li Du said breezily. "As long as my Sophie's not charmed by him."

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The lady doctor shook her head and said, "Not necessarily. Your Sophie's not someone with firm resolve, especially when you're always away from her."

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