1120 Adventurer

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Engagement was not like marriage. There were not many complex ceremonies to

observe, but rather, everyone gathered together, and then the food and wine were

served for all to enjoy.

It was not a very formal occasion, so when Li Du invited Steve and Porter, he didn't

expect both of them to come. The distance might be not much for Porter, who lived in

Los Angeles, but it was too far for Steve, who was from the Northeast of America.

In the end, Steve came anyway, showing his loyalty to Li Du.

This kind of party was supposed to give everyone a chance to get together. Sophie's

father made a toast on behalf of both parents. After announcing the engagement of Li

Du and Sophie, both parties raised a glass to celebrate, and then they could proceed

with their own activities.

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The importance of family connections in American society was evident from the fact that

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