252 Advantages of the Hundred Thousand Club

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Li Du was shocked by the price he heard and exclaimed, "It’s worth millions?! Professor, you must be joking! "

Dr. Clinken said, "No, I’m not joking, what you have with you is the Mauritius dodo’s complete skeletal specimen. There are only five of these in the entire world!"

Li Du was thrilled; he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. "Really? Is my specimen that rare? You mentioned that what I have is the Mauritius dodo, so do you mean the dodo lived in other places as well?"

Dr. Clinken replied, "Yes, besides the Mauritius dodo, there was also the Rodrigues dodo, which was slimmer than the Mauritius dodo, but flightless as well.

"In addition, there was another white dodo. In actual fact it was not a dodo, but a réunion ibis, which belongs to the genus of storks that happens to be extinct as well..."

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The professor said many things about the dodo, but the terms used were too specialized for someone like Li Du to understand.

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