378 Adding Another Dose

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Having bought unit 46, Li Du stopped participating in the auctions. He did not make any bids for unit 47 and just watched the others compete.

Frank and York had their eyes on him. Having noticed this, Frank felt something was amiss and exclaimed, "That b*st*rd’s aim was unit 46!"

York seemed to figure it out too. He asked doubtfully, "What else could be inside unit 46?"

"Who knows?" Frank grumbled. "Who knows what that son of a b*tch has found!?"

After seven units of furniture, there were seven other ordinary units, which Li Du was not interested in. He arranged for Hans to make the payment and for Godzilla and Big Quinn to start clearing things up.

Hans returned from making the payment. He then snickered at the current messy situation. "Rick has just been beaten up by Harris. He was paying for his units just now and looked pathetic."

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