311 Add Another Hundred

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Hans was also puzzled to see them and asked, "Didn’t you both go to New Mexico? Why are you back again?"

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Carl stole a nervous glance at Li Du and said in an irritated tone, "Hurry up and start the auction, pal. Isn’t chatting disallowed during auctions?"

Li Du exchanged glances with Hans. There was no need to say anything more—Hans understood what Li wanted him to do.

There were a total of around 20 treasure hunters who attended the auction. Hans chatted with one of them.

A while later, he returned and said, "There are four units on auction, the previous three were won by Carl. There might actually be something good? He’s bent on getting them all."

Li Du smiled and said, "Who knows? Let’s take this warehouse—he must have gotten some insider information. There’s certainly one valuable unit out of the four."

This would also explain why Carl and Rambis were flustered to see the two of them. They feared that Li Du would spoil their plans.

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