1025 Acquainted

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Li Du could not back down once he saw the men planning to beat his little ones. The young man who had pushed Ah Ow was planning to kick her. Li Du stepped forward and kicked the young man on his shin bone just at the nick of time.

The young man screamed as he hugged his shin and hopped backward.

Another young man became furious. He took out army knife out from the back of his waist and began swinging and slashing it about.

"Time deceleration!" Li Du mumbled. As he controlled time, the speed of the young man swinging his arms became slower, as slow as a crawling tortoise.

He quickly stepped up and used his elbow to knock the young man's arm away. Then he bent his knee and kicked sideways. His leg swept the man's ribs and he managed to send him flying and he even rolled on the ground for a few times.

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Conflicts were inevitable. But the big hunk who was their leader suddenly raised his hands and yelled, "Stop! Stop!"

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