1174 Above the Icy Ocean

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Floating along the Antarctic Ocean had a mystical feeling to it.

Squatting at the front of the ice ship, Li Du felt the wind blowing, heard the ruffling of the sail and watched the waves rise up and then down on the water surface. The waves and the wind pushed the ice ship ahead.

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Regardless of whether the wind was strong or weak, the ship remained stable throughout the voyage.

The volume of ice that was submerged under the water surface was huge and ensured that the ice ship was very safe. That was one reason why people in Antarctica chose to create ships from ice.

Some seagulls with bodies slightly longer than fifty centimeters flew over their heads. While they had white tails, their body was dull brown and they did not look pretty at all.

After flying a few circles above them, one of the seagulls seemed to be analyzing the ship. Then, it suddenly swooped down to pick up the thermos bag.

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