540 A Whole New World

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To Li Du, the fire opal's appearance opened the door to true treasure hunting—an entirely new door.

He suddenly realized that he had not been using the little bug correctly. The little bug actually possessed formidable abilities and could be used much more efficiently to earn money.

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He had always known that if he used the little bug in the casino, he could be invincible.

However, the waters in the casino were too deep. If he were to enter, he might end up getting chopped to pieces.

There was also the betting stone; the little bug could also look for emeralds to bet upon.

However, the emeralds were mostly located in areas such as Myanmar and Cambodia. It was even more treacherous there than in the casino with warlords and military separatists abound. One might not be able to stay alive long enough to spend the money earned.

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