201 A Wasteland

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The crestfallen Freddy went inside the old house; it seemed that he did not plan on coming out until all the treasure hunters were gone from the front porch.

Li Du had finished his beer too and gestured for Hans to leave. "Let’s go back while it’s still early."

But Hans was indifferent about it. "No hurry, let’s tease him some more."

Li Du said, "What’s the point?"

Hans laughed, "You see buddy, the weather is so warm, and he hides in there like a mouse hiding in its tiny hole. He’s going to suffer from the heat and stiff air inside, but he won’t come out if we are all here. This is why I want to stay here for a while more."

It was afternoon; the sun was still blazing hot. The treasure hunters took off their shirts and stayed under the cooling shade of the trees, drinking their cold beers.

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Staying inside a dusty house in such warm weather would be torture.

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