999 A Treasure Room

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With a tired look, Li Du waved his hand. "I just passed out. I didn't know what I was saying."

Good squinted. "Mr. Li, why do you always provoke me? To attack my dignity or my IQ?" As his voice faded, he looked to the soldier next to him. "Thoroughly search and see if there's anyone else hiding diamonds. I will execute them accordingly."

Li Du was extremely angry. Good implicitly said that for Li Du; he was threatening him with the lives of the miners.

The lives and deaths of the miners shouldn't have anything to do with him. He swore that he would never come back to South Africa.

However, he had to save the lives of the miners. For one, he could not watch the deaths of these innocent people because of him. He also could not watch the deaths of the innocent miners under the guise of the his previous personality.

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