496 A Thrashing By Her Brothers

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Li Du hid the water so this little b*tch couldn't continue drinking. Her motive for drinking water was to urinate so that she could mark her territory all over the house.

As he tucked her into bed before returning to his room, he said, "Be good, don't go out and pee anymore. If you do, I won't give you any milk."

Ah Ow laid her chin on the edge of the bed as she looked at Li Du woefully. Why are you putting me in an unfamiliar place?

Ah Meow was standing on the backrest of the couch with a sulky face, looking down on Ah Ow from a great height.

The room door shut behind Li Du as he returned to his bedroom.

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Ah Meow was disgruntled. What's going on? Favoring the younger one? Why did I get a beating when I peed everywhere? This young thing can pee everywhere and not get a beating?

Ocelots and raccoons were wild animals by nature, and would pee in new environments to mark their territories.

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