117 A Strange Call

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Seeing Godzilla, who was like a ferocious beast in front of them, only a few people could stand their ground. Lucas was apparently not one of these people.

Li Du saw him fall to the ground with his face as white as a sheet. Knowing that there was no more commotion to watch, he said, "See ya, city boy. Seems like you couldn’t fulfill your promise. The most valuable storage unit in Phoenix will be taken by us."

Hans snickered and said, "What did you say we were here for just now? Cleaners for clearing up the trash here, right? Now it seems that you’re actually the one cleaning up the trash. Maybe some Chinese people are working as cleaners, but we also do know, that there are more Mexicans working as nannies. See ya, Mr. Nanny.

Godzilla said unhappily, "Big Fox, I’m Mexican too."

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"Be you’re not a nanny, You’re our boss."

"Our brother here is the boss," Godzilla said, pointing to Li Du.

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