282 A Snake

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Li Du had actually spent more than 10,000 dollars to buy this storage unit. Andrew stared at him in confusion with his furrowed brows. Evidently, he had no idea why Li Du had bought this storage.

The other treasure hunters were even more baffled, but as the doors to the next unit opened, they dashed over, without paying any further attention to his actions.

According to procedure, Li Du should close the storage doors and affix his own lock on it. He let Hans and the Playboy go ahead with queuing up first while he went to close the door only when no one else was around.

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Before he did that, he went in to dismantle the television, then removed the precious dagger from within and stuffed it into his bag. He reassembled it before locking up and leaving.

Hans saw that he was carrying this bag carefully, and that he kept checking on it, so he asked, "What did you get ahold of?

Li Du gave him a look. "Don’t say anything—a treasure."

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