208 A Simple Summer

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Li Du felt that the Amish were still not open-minded enough. Since they used electricity, he believed that they should learn to make full use of it.

An electrical loom would be twice as efficient as the foot-treadle floor loom.

He had wanted to ask something else as well: since they used electricity, why did they generate their own instead of connecting to a power station?

But he felt that this would be impolite of him so he chose to keep quiet.

When the chilled tea was ready to be served, Ricky invited the four guests to the backyard to enjoy the tea.

The backyard had tall, lush trees of different types. The scorching rays of the sun were blocked by dense foliage. When a breeze of wind blew past, the whole yard felt cool and refreshing.

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Ricky handed Li a cup of chilled tea, cooled by the icy well water. The tea was clear, and it had a fruity fragrance. It seemed like diluted fruit juice.

"How’s the taste?" Tomasson sipped a mouthful of tea and asked.

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