268 A Shocking Past

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Li Du wanted to send Sophie home first. However, she argued, "Let’s get Rose back home first. How will you bring her in by yourself? She’s still awake."

Rose was indeed still awake, but she didn’t throw any drunken tantrums. She was slouched in the backseat while staring blankly at the pitch-black world outside of the window. Time to time, she would take a sip out of the bottle with a blank look.

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"That might take out too much of your time," Li Du said after glancing back.

Sophie curled her lips to the side with a slight smile. "I’m not working tomorrow, so it’s fine. Also, I can help to change her clothes after getting her to her bedroom. If I’m not the one doing it, I’m afraid someone might make a ‘blunder.’"

Li Du said with a bitter laugh, "I understand what you’re trying to say, but don’t worry, once you take her clothes off, you’ll understand why I will never dare to try anything funny with her."

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