428 A Septic Tank Truck

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After Li Du spouted his story, a few of the security guards were stunned.

An old security said, "Oh my God, what this child said is true. When I was young, I used to watch movies here. The canteen and the storage were demolished when I was not more than ten years old. I didn't even know about some facts that he told."

"Why don't I know anything about that?" asked the head security guard.

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The old security guard said, "Because you've only been here for two years, and you haven't seen the old photos about the storage facility. If you had seen the photos, you would know that what he said is true."

Li Du smiled. "My great-grandfather's family used to keep the old photos. Regrettably, a few years ago, we lost them when we moved. Otherwise, I could show them to you."

Everything he had said he'd only learned about yesterday through the "Relive the Past" ability of the bug. Everything he said was entirely true, so the security guards were speechless.

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