591 A Rumor

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Harry Winston Jewelers was not a landmark building but it sure was famous enough. One just had to hail a cab outside the hotel, tell the driver, "Harry Winston," and he would know where to go.

The African-American driver looked very trippy. After Li Du had gotten in, the driver said, "If you wanna, you can smoke in the car, sing in car or drink in the car."

Li Du was puzzled, "Huh?"

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From the rearview mirror, the African-American driver spotted Godzilla and Big Quinn sitting in the backseat. He added, "Please don't get mad at me if I say anything wrong and have your men to beat me up!"

Li Du laughed and said, "You're mistaken. That wouldn't happen. My men are very mild -tempered. Both of them are nice guys."

The African-American driver grinned. "If I had a body like theirs, I don't think my temper would be good."

Li Du said, "Relax, we are all nice people. You as well."

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