546 A Righteous Man

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The storage unit contained a lot of sports equipment, and it had been stored well. Regardless of whether they were tourists or treasure hunters, everyone was full of interest for this unit.

The tourists found it weird that Hans shook his head and discouraged them to go after the unit. They asked, "The great Treasure Tycoon, what is not good about the unit? Why do you not recommend us to participate?"

"That's because I know the reason why all of you are participating in this auction. All of you are doing this out of interest and want to experience what it's like to be a treasure hunter. Of course, if you can earn some cash out of it, that's even better, right?"

The tourists nodded to agree with Hans. In fact, when they realized that the business could make money, they actually wanted to make more money. They couldn't bring themselves to say this, however—it would be shameful to say so.

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