135 A new use for the little bug

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Having failed to get hold of a storage unit two times in a row, especially the second unit, Hans was furious.

While Li Du was indifferent, Anthony and his men were overjoyed. Someone made a phone call and Li Du heard them greet "Boss Lucas."

So he suspected that he had been marked by Lucas and his men. Anthony was the one sent by the Hispanic man to keep tabs on him. Whatever storage unit he was eyeing, they would bid for it.

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He tested it with the two storage units after, but there was no result. Anthony kept staring at him, but did not follow to make any bids.

Hans also noticed this, and said, "This fella is not easy to deal with, he is good at analyzing someone’s next move through their expressions. It won’t be easy to fool him."

Li Du simply said, "Then let’s ignore him, we shall continue with our bidding."

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