979 A New Friend

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Lion Hunter regrettably returned back to the yacht and sulkily said, "I thought I would get to change my name to 'Shark Hunter.' Seems like we have to delay this."

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Li Du spread his hands and said, "Or, you can go and get the trapping tools. I don't think these sharks will leave any time soon. If they do, new ones will come anyways.

Lion Hunter laughed and waved his hand. "It's alright, Li, I just want you to have fun here. Go and dive. I will continue to enjoy the sunlight. Wanna join me for a soak in the sun? Hey, my friend, the weather is going to get really hot soon. The heat from the sun will be able to roast someone to death. It's a rare experience."

Li Du laughed, "Later. I might want to enjoy that later."

They had already been floating on the sea water for some time. After lunch, in the afternoon, Lion Hunter moved the yacht further away from shore. He wanted to show them a new diving spot.

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