717 A Massive Frame

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Magic Hand's expression remained unchanged, but his gaze wavered. Li Du noticed that and knew what was going on.

He ignored Li Du and said to the auctioneer, "Let me make an offer: 2,000 dollars."

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After that, he said to Li Du, "Did you see that? I didn't see it. I just wanted to—"

"You don't have to explain. I'll let you have this unit," Li Du laughed. "You're as sure as I am that the gold and silver coins are in there. We've seen traces of them."

After he whispered those words, he retreated and shook his head at the auctioneer, indicating that he would not compete any further. 

The money was almost in his hands, but yet he didn't take it. It was not that he was brainless, or regarded money as dirt. Instead, it was because he wanted to return a favor with another favor and remain on friendly terms with Magic Hand.

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