327 A Magic Trick

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"Sixty dollars!"

"Seventy dollars!"

"Eighty dollars!"

The price increased steadily, quickly approaching the original price of 100 dollars.

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Although the auctioneer had emphasized that the authenticity of the small box was unknown, the small box was still attractive and it had excellent craftsmanship. Sitting in the front row was a bunch of wealthy people, and they had the taste to appreciate artwork.

But the starting price of the box was a bit low; they assumed that it was made with artificial emerald. They thought the material was cheap, that’s why it was being auctioned for cheap.

As the price reached 80 dollars, Li Du was staring at his phone; he suddenly raised his hand, shouting, "100 dollars!"

Sophie looked at him in surprise. "You don’t have to bid," she laughed. "Don’t mind what Marate said—he was being childish."

Marate was bidding as well, and he was, of course, doing it for the sake of Sophie.

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