1240 A Little Trouble

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When Li Du returned, several youths gathered around his tent, looking menacing.

They knew Brother Wolf went to find the owner of the telescope, so when Brother Wolf brought Li Du along, they knew it must be him.

A young man with acne spots on his face nodded to Li Du with his chin and said, "How did my uncle's telescope end in your hands? Where did you get it?"

Li Du calmly looked around, and said casually, "I bought it. What is the matter?"

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He thought he was about to meet the owner of the telescope, but it did not look so, there had to be something else.

The young man fumed. "Really? Impossible, my uncle attended the star party last year, and then he came home and went to the hospital because of acute leukemia. He soon passed away, so how did you have the opportunity to contact him and buy his telescope?"

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