337 A Little Trick

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In the attic, Li Du saw more glassware. There were wooden shelves along the wall, on them many sealed glass bottles.

Other than these things, there was a pile of rose petals on the attic floor. There were two big tubs in a corner, and in the tubs were also rose petals.

These rose petals were dead—those on the floor had dried up while those in the tubs looked rotten, with their color having turned greyish-black.

The glass bottles on the shelves were filled with a sticky liquid. On one shelf was a batch of labels, with "Damascus Rose Essential Oil" written on it.

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Li Du scratched his head—what was this all about, had he entered a production workshop instead of a storage unit?

On the first level was some messily-displayed used glassware. Its identity could not be determined, and it looked worthless.

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