921 A Little Emotional

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Li Du drove back to the villa and saw two beautiful ladies chatting away under the big oak tree in the front yard. Several dogs were crouching on the ground in fear, as if they were dead bodies drying out in the sun.

The four little ones were like that too at first, but once they saw Li Du, they quickly ran over to him.

A lady dressed in a police outfit gave a cough, and the four little ones stopped running mid-way and crouched down again.

When Li Du saw that, he said curiously, "Hi, Luo Qun, why are you here?"

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"Aren't you glad to see me?" Luo Qun asked with a gloomy face. "I've been in Phoenix for almost a month now, you have also arrived over ten days ago, and you didn't even give me a call?"

Li Du secretly thought to himself, Why would I give you a call when Sophie is still jealous? He changed the subject and said, "What happened to these dogs? How come are they so obedient?"

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