173 A Learning Opportunity

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The sudden increase in the bidding price by 1,000 dollars put Rick on his guard.

He had wanted to continue bidding to push up the price. He took a glance at the cardboard boxes and he observed the duo’s expressions. He shook his head slowly, which meant he has decided to back out of the bidding for the unit.

However, another sinister thought came to his mind.

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"I heard that there were some heavyweight bikes in a unit for this auction," Rick said loudly. "Do you think they could be contained in those boxes?"

The treasure hunters considered his words, but nobody came forward to bid.

Someone asked, "Do you have any insider news? Share it, Dog Ears, what’s inside this unit?"

Rick was someone who valued his integrity and reputation. It was hard for him to promise anything, as he was not 100 percent sure if it were true.

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