530 A Kiss

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Winslow was considered near Flagstaff. They had arrived more quickly than they normally would have when driving to an auction. But since the town was big, Li Du and the group hung around from morning until late evening.

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When traveling around the town, Li Du felt that the song "Take It Easy" was very relevant to the town; the town was very comfortable and relaxing, like the theme of the song.

The antiquated building looked older under the sun, while the leaves from the maple trees had become bright red—even brighter than the sun.

At times, kids riding bikes could be seen passing by, laughing and screaming in joy. Li Du laughed along with them.

There were markets in the middle of the town which was open throughout the day and night. The vegetables seemed less fresh in the evening, the parsley and rosemary and rhubarb withered.

Nonetheless, there were still people buying stuff. After all, it couldn't be worst than what they had at home.

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