1047 A Hundred Thousand

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There was nothing valuable in the back of the warehouse. Li Du carefully searched around with the help of the little bug, found nothing.

The tenth warehouse has opened. Inside was a pile of recycled old books, mainly comics and novels. Many of the comics were wrapped in plastic and well taken care of.

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Li Du searched the warehouse once more, but still found nothing. He sighed and prepared to leave.

The treasure hunters nearby were discussing the value of the warehouse. "Hey, it's all old books, damn it, this is a dumpster. No need to stay here."

 "There are a lot of comics. Might be valuable."

 "Haha, how can it be? Unless there are some out-of-print comics…"

 "If it's the early 'Superman' or 'Movies Comic Weekly', it would really make a big profit. How much are they worth now? Millions?"

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