187 A Horse Doesn't Get Fat Without Extra Feed

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Haris understood his current plight. Once he saw Li Du sitting there, sipping his coffee like an important guest, while Salman— who had been in cahoots with him—was stabbed in the thigh and whimpering on the ground, he could immediately tell his position in this matter.

He said truthfully, "Sorry, buddy. I made a mistake this time. It was the Dog Ears that contacted me—Dog Ears Jeffery Rick. That fella’ asked me to set you up."

"F*ck!" Hans couldn’t hold himself back, "Dog Ears, that b*stard, couldn’t win against us fairly, so he played dirty."

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Haris said, "That’s right. Li has earned a fair of money bit from storage auctions recently—more than a million dollars in the past few months. Rick persuaded me to set a trap to scam you out of your money.

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