419 A Group Voyage

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Page was a well-known town. All the local residents of Flagstaff knew about it.

Li Du told Sophie that he would be leaving for Page and Sophie took the initiative to give him an introduction of the famous town.

There were many tourist attractions in northeast Arizona, such as Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and so on, with Page town being the place of convergence of these tourist attractions. The economy of the town was fairly well-developed, but there were no tourist attractions in the town. It was a place where visitors rested and recharged themselves.

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Having heard from Sophie the various tourist attractions, Li Du said, "Wait for my postcards, then."

Sophie was excited by the thought of receiving more postcards. Last time, she had received postcards of the Cathedral and of Forest Park, which were very beautiful and precious. The postcards had been carefully kept by her.

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