463 A Gratifying Chat

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Li Du was not just trying to create the chance for them to be alone; he went out of his way to entertain the other treasure hunters.

He and Hans gathered everyone, saying that they wanted to delegate jobs for each of them to prepare dinner. Their real motive was to remind everyone of one thing: "All of you can feel free to show your things to these three appraisers. If they offer to bring your items with them to help you find buyers, please do not reject them and hand your items to them!"

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Feeling unsure, Turis asked, "Boss Li, isn't that risky? Without any security deposit, how can we pass our things to them? That can't be the case."

"Don't worry, everyone," Li Du said. "I've planned this out and would never allow anyone to lose money over this. Do you trust me?"

While the treasure hunters had initially shaken their heads against the suggestion, all of them eventually gave their agreement.

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