234 A Good Place

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Walking on the road, everything seemed so new to Mr. Li.

The bodybuilder with his muscles exposed, the youth bouncing his basketball, the snake charmer wearing a Speedo, and the rollerblading Sikh bard: the boardwalk was extremely busy.

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As they walked farther away from the beach, they left the bustle behind and the environment became quieter.

As the town was modeled after the floating city, there was also the complicated Venetian canal.

Unlike the floating city, the town’s canal was man-made and because "Venice" cannot exist without water, the town had spared no effort in directing water from the sea into the man-made canal.

Li Du walked leisurely along the gravel road, which was next to the canal. The place still reflected its early days, with boatmen ferrying tourists in gondolas on the canal.

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