165 A Ferocious Looking Man

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Beer bottles were lined up on the bartender’s counter, and the brown bottles had the huge letters "IPA," along with the Stone Brewery logo imprinted on them. They made the surrounding Singha bottles look like they were beverages for children.

A man wanted to take a beer but Hans held his wrist. "One moment please, I have something to say. Firstly, I would like to apologize for what I did last night; the inconvenience I have caused to all of you here, I am sorry.

"Next, I would like to find out who told you I am the culprit? I bet that you received a tip-off.

"Tell me who it is, and I’ll buy all the drinks for today. All of you can drink to your heart’s content." Hans looked at the group of black men one by one and turned to look at Sandy as he finished his speech.

Sandy shook his head. "We are the ones who invited you over for a negotiation—the beer should be on us."

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Sal spoke in a low tone, disapprovingly. "Sh*t, Sandy, that’s over two hundred dollars!"

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