653 A Family Member’s Meritorious Deed

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Looking at the video transmission on the computer screen, Hughes said complacently, "How is it? The floodlight I made by converting the Wolf-eyes flashlight is very bright, right?"

Surgi couldn't care less about such things. He stared at the screen and said, "What about the box?"

Just as he finished speaking the box came into view.

Hughes continued to speak in that smug tone. "Look, isn't it here? I told you I'm trustworthy and absolutely reliable."

"Get it down," Surgi said. "I want to determine the number of gems in it."

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Hughes frowned and looked at him. "What? Are you crazy? You wanna do something so troublesome at this time?"

Surgi said, "I don't give a d*mn if it's troublesome. Hurry up and get it for me. I want to make sure that they're all right."

Hughes got impatient. "You saw that the gems are fine. If there are any problems, would I still bring you here?"

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