104 A Different Kind of Gain

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Li Du cleaned up the papyri and carefully placed them in an airtight box.

"Just keep them dry, and don't worry so much. These papyri did not rot for thousands of years. They'll be fine as long as they are in a good environment!" Hans said.

Li Du said, "The Egyptians were really smart! They invented this amazing type of paper."

Hans shook his head and said, "Although we've found a number of papyri, they might not be from the Egyptians. This is one of the unsolved mysteries of the ancient Egyptian civilization."

"What is the mystery?"

"There are not any records about the method of making papyri among all the ancient records. Also, the modern method of making papyri is very complicated. At that time, it was near impossible that the Egyptians could have developed such a method."

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Li Du laughed, "So, maybe the aliens taught them how to make these papyri. Is that what you mean?"

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