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Robbie was thrilled when he heard what Li Du said. "Of course, this American quarter horse is three and half years old. Look at its muscles, teeth, and hooves. This is definitely a good horse!"

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Hans folded his arms and asked, "Are you really going to buy a horse? Why would you do that?"

Li Du said, "I’m just interested. I’m not going to buy it. I’m wondering: if I give Tomasson a carriage, why don’t I give him a horse too?"

American quarter horses were not expensive. An ordinary draft horse only cost around 500 dollars.

Most families could afford to buy an American quarter horse if they wanted or needed one. But most didn’t buy one because the maintenance fees were too expensive. That was also the reason why many Chinese people didn’t buy cars.

Also, a lot of land was required to keep a horse. A regular front yard was often not enough room for a dog, let alone a big animal like a horse.

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