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Faced with Kellan’s doubt, Li Du was not bothered in the slightest. He smiled, "It’s simple. I can pay you a deposit. Because my goal is your storage company, I don’t want it to get into trouble."

The police officer whispered to Kellan, "Bro, I don’t see a problem. He really does want to take over your company."

Kellan asked, "You sure?"

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"Of course," replied the police officer. "I’ve seen a lot of d*mned criminals and I’ve been trained in various interrogation techniques. This Chinaman is telling the truth."

Kellan nodded. He didn’t trust Li Du but he trusted the American dollar. As long as Li Du was willing to pay a deposit, he would be willing to return the ill-gotten money.

He cleared his throat said, "Okay, I believe you, Li. Let’s talk about the deposit, how much do you think it should be?"

Li Du asked, "What do you say?"

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