1059 A Chaos

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Looking at different designs on the wall, Li Du shook his head and said, "It's awful to have a house here. Oh, God. Everything is a mess!"

The avant-garde artists did not just paint on the wall. Over time, most of the walls had filled and there was no space for new graffiti.

Hence, some people found a way. They used white paint to spray over the graffiti, and then painted fresh graffiti over that.

This was kind of like using correction fluid for rewriting when Li Du was in primary school. However, the objective was different.

Potter smiled. "When you live in Wynwood, you have to be prepared for this. The locals are not annoyed by this kind of things. It makes the place where they live a famous art exhibition in America."

Li Du sighed. "I need to improve on my sense of art and culture. Comics are a type of art, graffiti is also a type of art, even rap songs are a type of art."

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