280 A Change That Came Like a Storm

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The auctioneer had a similar evaluation of the unit as the treasure hunters. However, he still hoped to sell it for a high price. After the viewing was over, he shouted:

"From that last unit, you guys have shown your strength, but only one person won in the end. I see that many people are unsatisfied, so let’s bring it on for the next one! Starting bid is 2,000 dollars!"

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Regardless of how well he put it, the price revealed the true value of the unit. Clearly, the auctioneer felt that this unit was not even half the worth of the previous unit.

The treasure hunters felt worse about this unit than the auctioneer did. Hearing the starting bid, they began discussing:

"It’s all clothing in there. Although there are a bunch of famous brands, it’s not worth a lot."

"I’m not bidding. Only the furniture is worth something. These second-hand clothes—how much could they even sell for?"

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