792 A Brilliant Plan

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Li Du waited for them to have their fun before ordering them to take him to harvest black gold abalone.

With their help, the entire muddy land became Li Du's territory. So long as the little bug found a black gold abalone, Li Du would be able to hurry over to it in the shortest time possible.

As such, in a short time, a large pile of black gold abalone could be seen on Li Du's raft.

When Li Du's rubber raft bumped into Cruz, Li Du smiled and said, "Hey, mate, when does the ebb war begin? I can't wait."

Cruz, who was strenuously pushing his rubber raft, was dumbfounded. "Oh my, you can also use your pets like this? I swear, I will raise a group of sled dogs during this year's winter."

When the three furry children speedily ran off while dragging the rubber raft along, Li Du purposefully shouted, "What did you say? I couldn't hear you clearly. Bye, I have found another black gold abalone!"

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