503 A Big And Powerful Gun

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The old man nodded. "We noticed a lot of things and I'd be happy to share them with you." He touched the muzzle and said, "I said that this is a shotgun, but that's not specific enough. This is not a traditional shotgun—this is a double rifle.

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"This gun has a coordinative structure and a smooth bore barrel. I mean, look at the structure of the barrel. It's parallel—isn't it beautiful? It uses solid bullets with copper coating.

"Not just the barrel, but every part of the gun is well-made. Look at its breech—it's very strong. I would say that the breech is more than half-an-inch thick. Isn't it amazing?"

Li Du nodded when he saw that Hans was nodding. He had no idea what Maurice was talking about. When it came to guns, Li Du knew nothing about the subject.

"After studying the gun with my assistant, we believe that the steel structure of the gun consists of both hardened and tempered steel. The taper between the barrel and the muzzle is one-quarter inch.

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