438 A Baffling Siege

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There was only one viewing spot in Horseshoe Bend, but based on the degree of astonishment, it was unparalleled in the world!

As it was close to the Utah Plateau, there was a large quantity of iron and manganese elements in the surrounding soil. Hence, the soil here shined beautifully in shades of gold and red in the blazing sun.

Looking down from the viewing spot, the cut-out of the Colorado River was green, like a jade band. As such, the red land and the green river complemented each other. In terms of the color contrast, it was very pleasing to the eye.

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In addition, this Bend was very curved, and had a beautiful shape. Filled with vigor, it was also very full and deep. As Li Du looked down from the viewing point, he could not help being filled up with pride.

He turned around and looked at Big Quinn, who was standing some distance away. He waved him over and said, "Come, come over here, the air is crisp."

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